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MusiChess Sports is a Spanish club based in Tres Cantos (Madrid, Spain) that was created at the end of 2017 with the aim of organizing different events related to the MusiChess philosophy.

The club’s primary sport is chess, while mind sports (go, xiangqi, shogi, stratego…) and dance (to include the musical side of things) represent its secondary disciplines. To find out more about the different sports related to music and chess:

The spirit of the club is heavily influenced by the American Hip Hop Chess Federation (, which combines hip hop, chess and martial arts.

Discipline Category MusiChess Champion
Biathlon MusiChess Chess + Music Daniel Torrecillas (Spain)
Chess Mind sports GM Jose Rafael Gascón del Nogal (Venezuela)
Dance Music No competitions to date
Go Mind Sports Miguel Ángel Castellano (Spain)

Brandon Medina (Peru). MusiChess members

Mind Sports Decathlon Mind sports Marco Trevisan (Spain/Italy). Since 2017
Mind Sports Grand Prix Mind Sports Alejandro Perdiguero Herreros (Spain)
Musical composition Music No competitions to date
Musical interpretation Music No competitions to date


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MusiChess Sports Club