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The MC project

MusiChess is a website with the main intention of broadcasting music, chess and mind games. Our two official languages are English and Spanish, so you will find some content in both languages.

The main section of the website will be an interactive database on music and chess-related characters and their works.

We also have sections of articles, events organized by our team, art, science and rankings.

In 2018 we started our first sports club (chess, go, mind sports…), with name MusiChess Sports and based in Tres Cantos (Madrid, Spain).

In 2019 we have published our first game: Las Ligas de la Ñ.

For now, this is all that the MusiChess project has to offer. We hope to later on, improve and launch new sections.

To more details: Why music and chess?

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MusiChess Philosophy

Music philosophy


The MusiChess project is developed with the idea of ​​creating a virtual encyclopedia of composers of all levels, covering the following categories: classical music, folk and world music, jazz, blues, soundtracks, musical professions and influential characters for music.

  • Classical (academic) / Ancient/Medieval (from ancient times till today)
  • Avant-garde, 19th century (end) and 20th-21st centuries / Academic and popular genres of 20th and 21st centuries
  • Traditional / Folk / World Music
  • Soundtracks and event music
  • Music professions related to accepted composers (theorists and critics, librettists and writers, orchestra conductors, luthiers, inventors of instruments, musical therapists, sound engineers, sonologists, disseminators, etc.)
  • Historical and religious figures and mythological characters who influenced the music of accepted composers (patrons, philosophers, intellectuals, monarchs, members of the church, etc.)

Moreover, the reasons for excluding many other musical genres are entirely out of practicality. We love music in general, but, as we believe it is impossible to properly cover such a wide range of musical styles, we prefer to specialize in one particular spectrum.

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Chess philosophy


Just as in music we focus mainly on some specific categories, and chess does not have any limitations. Sections related to this ancient game can address almost any subject. We will even be as flexible as to include content from other games, provided they generate a minimum of general interest. That is, information on poker, go, xiangqi, kriegsspiel, chaturanga, arimaa, etc. will be accepted.

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Help & Rules

Stories. News related with the project.

Project. Important section to understanding of what MusiChess is.

Dissemination. Section dedicated to different articles and investigations.

Art & Science. In this section you will check art and science connected with music and chess.

Events. In this section you can check our organized contests and tournaments.

Rankings. This section will include these rankings:

  1. MC figures (historical personalities related with music and chess).
  2. MC Elo (?).

Profiles. In this section we want to introduce an encyclopedia of composers (like in our old website) and chess players. At present, you can only enjoy the section Music Composers vs. Chess Players (one of our favorites). To know more, click here.


1)    Is MusiChess a serious project? (World)

Yes. We are very serious. Music, chess… it is a kind of magic.

2) Do you prefer music or chess? (Philidor)

We prefer money.

Sorry, we do not have more questions. If you have a doubt, you can contact us at and we will publish the answer in this section. Thanks for the patience!

MC Team

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The MusiChess project is still under development, so logically we will not request financial support until we are able to provide a top quality website.

However, you can help us grow in the following ways:

  • By “liking” our Facebook page: MusiChess encyclopedia
  • By detecting programming and content errors on the website and informing us at:
  • By giving us your opinions. We welcome and will bear in mind any proposals or opinions.