The ground on which the duel would take place was clearly divided into two parts: the eastern front, with capital in St. Petersburg, consisting of five tracks, like the five lines of the staff: three dirt roads and two rivers. The West Front, based in London, was divided into light and dark grids. Two Queens, accompanied by Kings Consorts, directed both fronts, the Oriental was commanded by a white governor, Yuliya Veysberg, inevitably enchanting, since she had been born the day of Christmas. The Western Front was led by the Black Queen, Vera Menchik, of Russian origin, as her rival, but settled in London, had the elegance of a British lady, with great ability to strategy in her beautiful matches[1]. The Russian composer faced one of the best chess players of all time[2]. Vera Menchik advanced her infantry, and, at a signal from Yuliya, hundreds of rabbits[3] emerged from one of the roads. The soldiers laughed at them, ready to attack them, but the animals fled quickly into hiding in the burrows before they could do inflict any harm. In spite of the harmlessness of the rabbits, the truth is that they disappeared and reappeared in the most unsuspected of places, surrounding the king at times. The pawns followed them in confusion, not knowing where to attack. Finally, the Black Queen thought about bringing ferrets to frighten the animals, but the dark infantry of Vera Menchik ended up being so exhausted that it left the game.  

Buy Real Valium Even so, the queen of chess relied on the rest of her army, and brought out her knights, who advanced in great leaps to the front of the queen of the children’s opera. Yuliya smiled, and at another signal from the Russian, several mermaids[4] emerged from some of the rivers on the eastern front, and began singing. The knights felt all of their muscles going limp and they forgot to fight. Seduced by those magical songs, they entered the waters of the river, disappearing forever.

follow link The bishops of Vera Menchik’s army looked at it in horror, and covered their ears with the wax of their candles, so as not to hear their songs. Then they ran to scare away the pagan mermaids with powerful prayers, which caused these water creatures to hide in the depths of the river in order not to leave again.  

here Queen Veysberg did not give up and called her geese which appeared hissing threateningly, and frightened the bishops with painful bites of their serrated peaks. Yuliya laughed, and shouted to Vera: “You thought it would be very easy to beat me, right? I’m not going to go so quickly into Vera Menchik’s club[5].”

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source url The Black Queen smiled patronizingly.

enter Encouraged by her recent victory, Yuliya called her swans[6], first the white swans flew, ready to attack the Towers, but their slow flight in two times, made them too calm, and were easily caught with nets. Then the White Queen made the black swans come out with a much faster flight of a single time and circled the towers to the point of making the soldiers who guarded them, all dizzy.Taking advantage of this momentary weakness, Yuliya made a swift movement to corner the Black King. But Menchik, foreseeing it, pushed aside his king and rushed upon the White King, shouting,

click “You’re trapped, Andrei!” Not even your father, the great Rimsky-Korsakov, could save you with your best compositions[7].The White Queen turned and realized that Vera was right, her king was not protected, and the checkmate was clear. But suddenly something happened that no one expected. A thundering sound was approaching the dueling grounds, a horrible army was ready to destroy and dominate all of Europe, both on the Western and Eastern fronts. They carried a flag with a terrifying swastika, and their warplanes overflew the place, covering everything of dark clouds[8]. The two queens knew that everything was lost, and they approached to amicably shake hands with each other.

Buy Mexican Xanax Online “Never forget,” Yuliya told Vera, “that beyond the dark ceiling, there will always be a sky[9]. The bombs began to fall, and everything was covered in darkness, while the long sobs of an autumn song[10] were heard. [1] Vera Menchik stands out for her attacking matches, with an ambitious and incisive style of play. [2] Vera Menchik is the woman who has held the title of world champion for the longest time, from 1927 to 1944. Yuliya Veysberg was a Russian composer, especially of vocal genres, and especially for children. [3]Reference to the children´s opera from 1937 A Little Rabbit’s House [4] Reference to his opera The Little Mermaid, based on the story of Andersen.

source site [5] When Menchik entered the chess tournament in Carlsbad in 1929, a Viennese teacher named Albert Becker ridiculed her contemptuously saying that any player who was beaten by her would enter the “Club of Vera Menchik.” Becker himself was the first member of the “Club”.

enter site [6] The geese and swans refer to their children’s opera Geese-Swans [7] Yuliya married musicologist Andrei Rimsky-Korsakov, son of the celebrated Russian composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. [8] Yuliya died during the siege of Leningrad by the Nazis, Vera in a Nazi bombardment of London.

Valium To Buy [9] Reference to her musical composition Le ciel est, par-dessus le toit, basada en el texto de Paul Verlaine. [10] Reference to her musical composition Chanson d’automne: Les sanglots long. Also based on another text of Verlaine. click WINNER: Vera Menchik

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