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Bach, Johann Ludwig (1677-1731)

Johann Ludwig Bach. Public Domain

Alternative last name spellings: –
Alternative first name spellings: –
Alias: The Bach from Meiningen



Description: Johann Ludwig Bach was a music composer, violinist, kantor, and organist from Germany. He is one of cousin’s of Johann Sebastian Bach. He was a kantor in the city of Ruhla and in the court of Meiningen. In 1711 Johann was appointed director of the local orchestra of the Court of Meiningen.
Sex: Male Occupation: Composer, organist, violinist and conductor.
Place of Birth / Death:  Thal, Germany / Meiningen, Germany. Country Tags: Germany.
Periods: 17th Century. 18th Century Genres: Religious music, Chamber music, Choral music, Instrumental music, Orchestral music, Vocal music.
Styles: Baroque School / Group: –
Instruments: Organ and violin.

Relatives: Johann Sebastian Bach (Cousin), Gottlieb Friedrich Bach (son), Samuel Anton Bach (son).

Patrons: Bernhard I (Duke of Saxe-Meiningen). Master: –



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