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Balekana, Matila (1932)

Solomon Islands’s flag. Public Domain.

Alternative last name spellings: –
Alternative first name spellings: –
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Description: Matila Balekana is a Fijian-born Solomon Island musician and songwriter. She is known for writing the lyrics of the national anthem of the Solomon Islands: “God save our Solomon Islands”. Her husband, Panapasa Balekana, was a music composer who composed the music of the anthem. After the independence of the Solomon Islands in 1978, their work began to be used as a national anthem.
Sex: Female Occupation: Songwriter, Composer.
Place of Birth / Death: Fiji. Country Tags: Fiji. Solomon Islands.
Periods: XX-XXI Century Genres: Instrumental music, vocal music, nationalism music.
Styles: Ethnic, Folk, Anthem, Nationalism, Hymns, World Music. Relatives: Panapasa Balekana (husband).



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