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Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770-1827)

Ludwig van Beethoven. Joseph Karl Stieler (1820).


Alternative last name spellings: L. V. Beethoven.
Alternative first name spellings: Ludwig Maria. Ludovicus


“Only art and science can exalt man to divinity.”



Description: Considered one of the most important composers in the history of music, Beethoven was ahead of his time getting the jump from Classicism to Romanticism, and influenced to a large extent composers and works of the nineteenth century.
Sex: Male Occupation: Pianist, Composser, Conductor, Music Teacher
Place of Birth / Death: Bonn, Holy Roman Empire / Viena, Austrian Empire. Country Tags: Germany.
Periods: Classicism and Romanticism (First half 19th century) Genres: Religious music, Chamber music, Choral music, Symphonic music, Concerts, Orchestral music, Instrumental music, Opera, Dances.
Styles: Classicism and Romanticism School / Group: First Viennese School
Instruments: Piano. Relatives: Ludwig van Beethoven (Grandfather). Johann van Beethoven (Father).
Patrons: Andréi Kirílovich Razumovski, Prince Lobkowitz, Prince Kinsky, Archduke Rudolf. Master: Ferdinand von Waldstein, Karl von Lichnowsky, Andréi Razumovski, Joseph Franz von Lobkowitz, Gottfried van Swieten and Nikolai Galitzin



Articles: No
Fictional stories (MC Universe): No
Music Composers vs. Chess Players: 1 (English: Spanish:


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