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Bholoja (1979)

Bholoja (2010). Picture from Womex

Alternative last name spellings
Alternative first name spellings: Mbongiseni Ngubane



Description: Bholoja is a composer, singer, guitarist and one of the best artists from Eswatini. His songs show the daily life and culture of the people of his country, their social and economic problems with humor and optimism. In his music, he combines traditional musical styles and South African rhythms with blues, creating a unique sound.
Sex: Male Occupation: Singer, Guitarist, Composer and song-writer.
Place of Birth / Death: Hhohho, Eswatini (previously Swaziland) Country Tags: Eswatini.
Periods: XX-XXI Century Genres: Instrumental music, vocal music, dance music, nationalism music.
Styles: Mbira, Sitolotolo, Blues, Ethnic, Folk, Traditional, World Music. Group: –
Instruments: Voice, percussion. Relatives: –



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