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Caïssa. Domenico Maria Fratta (Public Domain, 1800).

Alternative last name spellings: Scacchia 
Alternative first name spellings: Caissa
Alias: – 


“Tum geminae velut extremis in cornibus arces
hinc atque hinc altis stant propugnacula muris,
quae dorso immanes gestant in bella Elephanti.”



Description: Caïssa is a fictional Thracian dryad invented during the Renaissance by the poet Hieronymus Vida, revered as the muse of chess. In 1763 Sir William Jones again uses the idea of Caïssa as muse of chess in another poem. To be able to conquer the love of Caïssa, Ares seeks the help of the god of sport, who creates the game of chess. Then Ares obtains the favor of Caïssa.
Sex: Female Occupation: Muse of Chess.
Place of Birth / Death: – Country Tags: Greece
Periods: Renaissance Genres: –
Styles: – School / Group: –
Instruments: – Relatives: –
Patrons: – Master: –



Fictional stories (MC Universe):
Music Composers vs. Chess Players:


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