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Capablanca, José Raúl (1888-1942)

José Raúl Capablanca (1920. Public Domain)

Alternative last name spellings: Capablanca y Graupera
Alternative first name spellings
Alias: –


“In order to improve your game you must study the endgame before anything else; for, whereas the endings can be studied and mastered by themselves, the middlegame and the opening must be studied in relation to the endgame.”



Description: Capablanca was a Cuban chess player and World Chess Champion, widely recognized for his exceptional ability in the endgames and the speed of his play. He wrote several chess books during his career, focusing on the critical moments of a game. His style was influential in great players like Bobby Fischer or Anatoly Karpov.
Sex: Male. Occupation: Chess player. 
Place of Birth / Death: Havana, Cuba, Spain. / New York, United States Country Tags: Cuba.
Centuries: XIX-XX. Title: Grandmaster (1921).
World Champion: 1921–1927. School: Havana Chess Club.
Styles: Tactical and defensive. Chess Olympiads: 1939.



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