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Carrera, Pietro (1573-1647)

Pietro Carrera. Public Domain.

Alternative last name spellings:  
Alternative first name spellings:
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“The game was found in Aulide before the Trojan War, we do not receive those reasons, which others adduce, that Palamede for the game woman wanted to understand Panthesilea, for the black team the field of Mennone, for the Chess Horse Trojan Horse, and many other considerations, which are based on progress, and on the completion of the Trojan War, because they repel the truth of history.”


Description: Pietro Carrera was a chess player, historian, priest and Italian author. In 1617, he wrote and published Il Gioco degli Scacchi (The Game of Chess), eight books where he explains the rules, probabilities, finals, blind chess and the origins of chess. He created Carrera’s Chess, a variant on an 8x10 board with two new pieces. It was very important for the theory of chess and provided great information about the chess players of his time.
Sex: Male. Occupation: Priest. Writer. Chess player.
Place of Birth / Death: Catania, Sicily, Italy. / Messina, Sicily, Italy. Country Tags: Italy
Centuries: XVII – XVIII Title: –
World Champion: – School:
Style: Chess Olympiads:



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