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Dili Allstars (1992)

Dili Allstars. Picture from Dili AllStars Official MySpace

Alternative last name spellings: –
Alternative first name spellings: –
Alias: –


Description: Dili Allstars is a reggae and ska music band from Australia and East Timor. They’re one of East Timor’s leading reference bands. They have recorded 4 studio albums and have made some soundtracks. They also contributes with several NGOs, making charity records. One of his songs became Timor’s hymn for independence, thus becoming a band representing Timorese society.
Sex: Males Occupation: Music band.
Place of Birth / Death: Melbourne, Australia Country Tags: Australia.
Periods: XX-XXI Century Genres: Instrumental music, vocal music, dance music, nationalism music, protest song, soundtrack.
Styles: Ska, Reggae, Rock, Soul, Folk, Traditional, World Music. Members: Paulie Stewart, Paulo Almeida, Colin Badger, Osme Gonsalves, Gil Santos, Nelito Riberio, Ross Hannaford, Zeca Mesquita, Mark Grunden, Dave Pace, Clare Murrell.
Instruments: Voice, guitar, keyboard, bass, drums, sax and trumpet. Relatives: –



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