Duchamp, Marcel (1887-1968)

Portrait of Marcel Duchamp by Man Ray. Yale University Art Gallery (1920-1921).


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“While not all artists are chess players, all chess players are artists”



Description: A renowned artist, known for being the forerunner of today’s conceptual art, regarded by numerous historians and art critics as the most important artist of the 20th century. He was one of the main forerunners that the concept of art was the result of the intention to create art. He had a great influence on Dadaism. Duchamp was also a semi-professional chess player who came to compete in the chess Olympiads representing the French team for five years. His obsession with chess was reflected in some of his paintings.
Sex: Male. Occupation: Artist. Chess player.
Place of Birth / Death: Blainville-Crevon, France / Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. Country Tags: France, United States.
Centuries: XIX-XX. Title: –
World Champion: – School: Marshall Chess Club.
Styles: Solid and anticipative. Chess Olympiads: 1924 (unofficial), 1928, 1930, 1931, 1933.



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