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watch Cesária Évora (2009). Picture by Bremond. Creative Commons License

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enter Description: Cesárea Évora was a singer and songwriter from Cape Verde. Her music is melancholic, and her lyrics speak of the isolation of her country, the problems of emigration and the slave trade. She collaborated with Compay Segundo in 2002 and won a Grammy Award in 2004 for best album. Cesárea was awarded with Grand-Cross of the Order of Prince Henry (Portugal) in 1999 and with The Legion of Honour medal (France) in 2007.
Buy Valium Next Day Uk Sex: Female Buy Quality Valium Occupation: Singer and songwriter
see Place of Birth / Death: Mindelo, Cape Verde / São Vicente, Cape Verde enter site Country Tags: Cape Verde
follow link Periods: XX-XXI Century Genres: Instrumental music, vocal music, dance music, nationalism music. Styles: Ethnic, Folk, Blues, Traditional, World Music, Coladeira, Morna. Buy Diazepam Tablets Uk Group: –
Cheap Xanax Pills Instruments: Voice Relatives: Lela Évora (Brother), Hermínia da Cruz Fortes (cousin), António da Rocha Évora (nephew), Xavier da Cruz (nephew). IN MUSICHESS Articles: Tournaments: Ranking:
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