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Falla, Manuel de (1876-1946)

Manuel De Falla. Public Domain.

Alternative last name spellings: Falla y Matheu
Alternative first name spellings: Manuel María de los Dolores
Alias: –


“Fatal error is to say that you have to understand music to enjoy it. Music is not made, nor should it ever be made to be understood, but to make it feel.”



Description: Falla is one of the most influential composers of the first half of the 20th century, and one of the most important Spanish composers, becoming a representative of Spanish musical nationalism.
Sex: Male Occupation: Composer, Pianist
Place of Birth / Death: Cádiz, Spain / Alta Gracia, Argentina. Country Tags: Spain.
Periods: 20 Century (first half). Genres: Symphonic music, Orchestral music, Religious music, Vocal music, Instrumental music, Music for Dance, Concert, Opera.
Styles: Nationalism, Modernism School / Group: –
Instruments: Piano Relatives: –
Patrons: Cambó family. Master: José Tragó, Felipe Pedrell 



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Music Composers vs. Chess Players:


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