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Feiruz, Ali (1931-1994)

Oud. Tipical Somali instrument. Creative Commons License

Alternative last name spellings: علي فيروز
Alternative first name spellings: Ali Abdi Feiruz, Cali Fayruus.
Alias: –



Description: Ali Feiruz was a music composer born in Djibouti who later moved to Hargeisa, Somalia. He was one of the first musicians in Somalia to play oud. Later, he incorporated instruments such as violin, guitar or accordion into his music. Feiruz composed the song “Ilaahayow waa kugu mahad” which it’s related with Somalia’s independence. His music had a great influence on later Somali musicians.
Sex: Male Occupation: Singer, Composer, Violinist, Guitarist, Accordion and Oud player.
Place of Birth / Death: Djibouti. Country Tags: Djibouti. Somalia
Periods: 20th Century Genres: Instrumental music, vocal music, dance music, religious music, nationalism music.
Styles: Somalian music, Ethnic, Folk, Traditional, World Music. Group: –
Instruments: Oud, guitar, violin and accordion Relatives: –



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