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Haydn, Franz Joseph (1732-1809)

Joseph Haydn. Thomas Hardy (1792)

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“Find a good melody and your composition, whatever it is, will be beautiful and you will surely like it. It is the soul of music, this is life, this is the meaning, the essence of the composition.”




Description: Haydn was one of the most important composer of Classicism, considered father of symphony and chamber quartet. His musical works contributed the evolution of sonata form.
Sex: Male. Occupation: Chapel Master, Composer, Conductor, Music teacher.
Place of Birth / Death: Rohrau, Archduke of Austria (Austria ) / Viena, Austrian Empire (Austria). Country Tags: Austria.
Periods: Classicism. Genres: Religious music, Oratory, Choral music, Chamber music, Symphonic music, Concert, Orchestral music, Instrumental music, Opera.
Styles: Classicism. School / Group: First Viennese School.
Instruments: Harpsichord, Piano, Violin. Relatives: Mathias Haydn (father), Michael Haydn (brother), Johann Evangelist Haydn (Brother).
Patrons: Carl Josef Fürnberg, Count von Morcin, Paul Anton Esterházy, Nicolás Esterházy. Master: Nicola Porpora, Georg von Reutter.



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