Schubert, Franz (1797-1828) Franz Schubert. Wilhelm August Rieder (1825) Alternative last name spellings: –
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source link Description: Schubert is considered the introducer of musical romanticism and continuator of the classical sonata. In addition, he is the main precursor of the Lied, since he composed more than 150. Although his true success came after his death, he greatly influenced the composers of his time. Sex: Male. Occupation: Composer, Pianist. Place of Birth / Death: Vienna, Austria. click here Country Tags: Austria Periods: Romanticism. see url Genres: Religious music, Oratory, Choral music, Symphonic music, Chamber music, Instrumental music, Lieder, Song cycle, vocal music, Orchestral music, Singspiel, Opera.
get link Styles: Romanticism. get link School / Group: –
follow Instruments: Piano. watch Relatives: Franz Theodor Schubert (father), Ferdinand Schubert (brother).
follow link Patrons: – Máster: Sylvester Paumgartner, Josef von Spaun.

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