watch García de la Banda, Francisco (1955)

here Paco García de la Banda (left). Picture by El Apuron (2010 – Alternative last name spellings: –
go to site Alternative first name spellings: Paco Alias: –  

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here Description: Paco García de la Banda is one of the best international mind sports players. It occupies the 25th place in the historical medalist of the Mind Sports Olympiad, with ten gold medals, thirteen silver medals and eleven bronzes. He is a Pentamind and Creative Thinking World Champion, International Master in seven different games and Candidate Master in three others. In addition, he is eight times Spanish Go champion and a strong Chess player. He is the founder of the project Learning Playing (Aprender Jugando), which teaches many mind games to young people, and has worked in advertising and marketing for 25 years. Sex: Male. Occupation: Advertising and Marketing. Strategic Thinking Monitor for Children.
get link Place of Birth / Death: Santander, Cantabria. Spain.
see Country Tags: Spain.
follow site Centuries: XX-XXI Buy Diazepam Reviews Title: Pentamind & Creative Thinking World Champion (2010)
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follow site Styles: – Order Xanax Bars From India Chess Olympiads: –

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click IN MUSICHESS Articles: 1 ( Tournaments: 1st MS Classics Chess&Go (I Open MindSports MusiChess) 8.5/10 (1st place) Ranking & Titles: 2148 (provisional) – Mind Sports MusiChess. Title 5* C&G (Chess&Go)
enter site Fictional stories (MC Universe): No
click Music Composers vs. Chess Players: No External links Bibliography

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