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Hathor. Jeff Dahl own work. Creative Common License

Alternative last name spellings: –
Alternative first name spellings: Hwt-ḥr
Alias: O10



Description: Hathor was goddess of ancient Egypt religion, mother of Horus and Ra, and symbolic mother of the pharaohs. She was the Goddess of music, dance, joy, love, sexuality and maternal care, but also of revenge. In his honor, the ancient Egyptians doing musical performances in temples playing instruments such as tambourines, harps, lire or sistros (an instrument with sexual connotations), and performed dances.
Sex: Female Occupation: Goddess of music and dance.
Place of Birth / Death: Egypt.
Country Tags: Egypt.
Periods: Ancient Egypt. School / Group: House of Horus



Fictional stories (MC Universe):
Music Composers vs. Chess Players:


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