Dawid Janowski (1868-1927)

David Janowski (1910. Public Domain) Alternative last name spellings: –
source url Alternative first name spellings: Markelowicz
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follow site Description: Dawid Janowski was a prominent French nationalized Polish chess master, considered one of the best attackers of the 20th century. He was always interested in chess beauty, and avoided making tables. Janowsky’s Indian defense is named in his honor.
enter site Sex: Male. Order Alprazolam Online India Occupation: Chess player. Place of Birth / Death: Wołkowysk, Grodno Governorate, Russian Empire (modern Vawkavysk, Belarus) / Hyères, Var, France.
see url Country Tags: Poland. France. Centuries: XIX-XX. enter Title: – World Champion: – watch School: – Styles: Fast and tactical. Chess Olympiads: – IN MUSICHESS

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