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Kaar Kaas Sonn (1973)

Kaar Kaas Sonn. Creative Commons License

Alternative last name spellings
Alternative first name spellings: Noël Flavien Kobdigué 


Description: Kaar Kaas Sonn is a hip-hop singer, guitarist, composer and writer from Chad. He currently lives in France. His songs tell the political complications, wars, injustices and repressions that people suffered in his country, but also of love and nostalgia. His mother tongue is Niankéré, but he sings and writes in French. Kaar Kaas Sonn has published 8 studio albums, and has written 10 books.
Sex: Male Occupation: Composer, singer, guitarist, writer
Place of Birth / Death: Shar, Chad. Country Tags: Chad. France.
Periods: XX-XXI Genres: Instrumental music, vocal music, nationalism music, protest song.
Styles: Hip-hop, Rap, World Music. Group: –
Instruments: Voice and guitar. Relatives: –



Fictional stories (MC Universe):
Music Composers vs. Chess Players:


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