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Keres, Paul (1916-1975)

Paul Keres (Public domain).

Alternative last name spellings: –
Alternative first name spellings: –
Alias: –



Description: Paul Keres was a Estonian chess Grandmaster and chess writer. He was three times champion of Estonia, three times winner of the Chess Championship of the USSR and finalist of World Chess Championship.
Sex: Male. Occupation: Chess player, writer. 
Place of Birth / Death: Narva, Russian empire / Helsinki, Finland Country Tags: Estonia.
Centuries: XX Title: Grandmaster (1950).
World Champion: – School: –
Styles: Precise attack style. Chess Olympiads: 1935, 1937, 1939, 1952, 1954, 1956, 1958, 1960, 1962, 1964.



Fictional stories (MC Universe):
Music Composers vs. Chess Players:


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