Lemba, Artur (1885-1963)

Artur Lemba. Picture from Discogs.

Alternative last name spellings: Артур Густавович Лемба
Alternative first name spellings: Артур Лемба
Alias: –



Description: Artur Lemba was an Estonian composer, and piano teacher. He was the first Estonian musician to give concerts abroad, and the first Opera and symphonic composer of his country. Lemba was runner-up in the Anton Rubinstein Competition and subsequently became a professor at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. He was a prolific author, and composed works in all musical genres.
Sex: Male Occupation: Composer, conductor, pianist and teacher.
Place of Birth / Death: Tallin, Harjumaa, Estonia.
Country Tags: Estonia.
Periods: 19th Century, 20th Century. Genres: Symphonic music, Orchestral music, Choral music, Chamber music, Vocal music, Instrumental music, Religious music, Opera, Concert.
Styles: Romantic music. Virtuosism. School / Group: Tallinn Conservatory. St. Petersburg Conservatory.
Instruments: Piano. Relatives: Theodor Lemba (brother), Ludmilla Hellat-Lemba (sister)
Patrons: – Master: Theodor Lemba, Carl van Arck, Nicolai Soloviev, Alexander Lyadov, Alexander Glazunov and Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.



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