Morales Pino, Pedro (1863-1926)

Pedro Morales Pino. Picture by ecured.

Alternative last name spellings: –
Alternative first name spellings:  Pedro Pascacio de Jesús
Alias: –



Description: Pedro Morales Pino was a Colombian composer considered the father of Colombian popular music. He made compositions based on Colombian folklore and oral musical tradition using the techniques of academic musical composition. He was a very prolific author with more than a hundred compositions.
Sex: Male Occupation: Composer, poet, painter and teacher
Place of Birth / Death: Cartago, Valle del Cauca, Colombia / Bogotá, Colombia Country Tags: Colombia
Periods: XIX-XX Century Genres: Instrumental music, Religious music, Vocal music, Suite, Fantasie, Valse, Intermezzo, Music for Dance.
Styles: Classical, Nationalism, Folk, Pasillos, Gavotas, Bambucos, World Music. School / Group: Academia Nacional de Música of Bogotá (Colombia)
Instruments: Colombian Tiple and string instruments. Relatives: Francisca Llerena (wife)
Patrons: Master: José Hoyos, Julio Quevedo.



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