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Morricone, Ennio (1928)

Ennio Morricone. Picture by Georges Biard (2012. Creative Commons License).

Alternative last name spellings
Alternative first name spellings
Alias: –


“In love as in art constancy is everything. I do not know if there is love at first sight, or supernatural intuition. I know that the estate, consistency, seriousness, duration exist.”



Description: Ennio Morricone is an Italian composer and conductor known for composing the soundtrack of more than 500 films, documentary television series and videogames. He received an honorary Oscar in 2006 and won the Oscar for best soundtrack in 2016. His work extends to many genres of composition, making him one of the most versatile composers in the history of cinema and also the most influential of the 20th century. He started playing chess since he was a child, but when he was 18 he knew that he wanted to dedicate himself to music and left his love for this game aside. However, he was always passionate about chess and practiced it whenever he could.
Sex: Male. Occupation: Composer, Conductor, Trumpeter, Pianist.
Place of Birth / Death: Rome, Italy. Country Tags: Italy.
Periods: 20th Century, 21th Century. Genres: Orchestral music, Chamber music, Instrumental music, Vocal music, Symphonic music, Music for cinema, Music for theater.
Styles: Soundtracks, Classical music, Jazz, Pop. School / Group: –
Instruments: Trumpet, Piano. Relatives: Andrea Morricone (son).
Patrons: – Master: Goffredo Petrassi.



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Music Composers vs. Chess Players:


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