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Poleon, Rameau (1929)

Alternative last name spellings: –
Alternative first name spellingsJoseph ‘Rameau’ Poleon
Alias: Papa Kilte



Description: Rameau Poleon is one of the most considered folk musicians and violinists of Saint Lucia. Together with Eric Adley, cultural activist and musician, he formed the Morne Gallian Quadrille Band, a group with which he is still active today. In 2000 he was awarded the Silver Medal of Merit of Saint Lucia for his contribution to the Popular Arts in his country. 
Sex: Male Occupation: Composer and violinist.
Place of Birth / Death: Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia Country Tags: Saint Lucia
Periods: 20th Century. 21th Century Genres: Caribean folk, instrumental music, vocal music, dance music.
Styles: Ethnic, Caribean, Latin, Folk. Master: Flood Poleon 
Instruments: Violin. Relatives: Jolliffe Joseph Poleon (father). Tina Poleon (mother)



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