Saint Hildegard of Bingen (1098 – 1179)

see Saint Hildegard of Bingen by Teresa Cabanillas.  

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Buy Raw Alprazolam Powder Alias: Sibyl of the Rhine. The Teutonic prophetess.

follow link “O form of woman, sister of Wisdom,
how great is your glory!
For in you there rose a life unquenchable
that death shall never stifle.” GENERAL INFO Description: With a total of 78 musical works, created for the liturgical needs and for the theological-moral didactics, Hildegard uses the monophonic technique, the melisma and the own notation of his time. He was ahead of his time thanks to the use of fourth and fifth intervals in the singing. Their music is differentiated by the use of broad tonal ranges, which require the singer or chorus to rise to intense treble with an intermediate or low note. In his compositions, he makes contractions of melodic phrases that make the voice faster and then slower. Considered one of the most fascinating and multifaceted personalities in Western Europe, Pope Benedict XVI awarded her the title of Doctor of the Church in 2012.
Order Diazepam Online Sex: Female Occupation: Abbess, monastic leader, mystic, prophetess, physician, composer and writer.
Order Xanax Overnight Delivery Place of Birth / Death: Bermersheim vor der Höhe, County Palatine of the Rhine, Holy Roman Empire / Bingen am Rhein, County Palatine of the Rhine, Holy Roman Empire. Order Cheap Diazepam Country Tags: Germany. Periods: 12th Century. Middle ages. Genres: Vocal music, Choir music, Religious music, Gregorian Chant. Styles: Ancient music, Medieval music. School / Group: –
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