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Savall, Jordi (1941)

Jordi Savall (2014). Creative Commons License

Alternative last name spellings:
Alternative first name spellings: Jordi Savall i Bernadet

La música nos recuerda constantemente que todos los habitantes del Mediterráneo compartimos cultura. Somos diferentes, pero tenemos muchas cosas en común.


Description: Jordi Savall is an spanish conductor and viola da gamba player. From 1970 he began his prolific career as an interpreter of ancient music in different groups and also alone. Savall has investigated a multitude of codices of ancient music and has recovered the music inscribed in them, reproducing and spreading it through concerts and multiple music recordings from medieval times to the Renaissance and the beginnings of the Baroque. Also with Celtic music from other countries like Ireland. Jordi Savall has received numerous distinctions and awards that recognize the importance of his entire career.
Sex: Male. Occupation: Musician, conductor, Musicologist.
Place of Birth / Death: Igualada, Barcelona, Spain. Country Tags: Spain
Periods: XX-XXI Genres: Medieval music, instrumental music, choral music, vocal music
Styles: Ancient music. Early music. School / Group: Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu
Instruments: Viola da gamba, viola da braccio Relatives: Arianna Savall (daughter), Ferran Savall Figueras (son)
Patrons: – Master: August Wenzinger



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