Sculthorpe, Peter (1929-2014)

Peter Sculthorpe (Bridget Elliot)

Alternative last name spellings: –
Alternative first name spellings: Peter Joshua

“I love Australia passionately. I love our landscape. It’s influenced most of my work, really. Almost everything I´ve written is about the landscape. Trying to find, the sacred, the spiritual in it.”



Description: Peter Sculthorpe was an Australian music composer interested in the aspects of native Australian music. In his works he occasionally introduced a series of sounds and noises that guide the spectator on a journey into the depths of the Australian jungle.
Sex: Male Occupation: Composer, Conductor
Place of birth / death: Launceston, Tasmania / Sydney, Australia. Country tags: Australia
Periods: 20th century (first half), 20th century (second half), 21th century Genres: Chamber music, Native australian music, Opera, Choral music, Soundtrack.
Styles: Classical music, Nationalist music, Contemporary music. School / Group: –
Instruments: Orchestra Relatives: – 
Patrons: Sir Bernard Heinze, Australian Music Centre (AMC).  Master: Egon Wellesz, Wilfrid Mellers.



Articles: No
Tournaments: No
Ranking: –
Fictional stories (MC Universe): No
Music Composers vs. Chess Players: No


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