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Sounds of Antarctica

Atarctica. Picture by Jason Auch. Creative Commons License


Description: Antarctica is the most inhospitable place on Earth. There are many scientists who venture to record the sounds produced by the movement of large ice sheets, wind and animals who reside there, such as penguins, whales or birds. Also, many composers have made music projects inspired by the landscapes of Antarctica, like Pen and Paper, or Cheryl E. Leonard, who composes music inspired in the wind sound of Antarctica and the sounds of air vibration produced in the ice, with musical instruments created with penguin bones. In the other hand, the pianist Ludovico Einaudi composed a piece called “Elegy for the Artic” that was interpreted in the arctic to raise public awareness about climate change.
Place of Birth / Death: Antarctica Country Tags: Antarctica
Instruments: Different kind of sounds Genres: Sounds, Instrumental music. 



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