here Strauss, Johann I (1804-1849)

enter Johann Strauss I (1835). Lithograph by Josef Kriehuber. Public Domain

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click here Alternative first name spellings: Johann Baptist Strauss, Johann Strauss Sr.
click here Alias: The Elder, The Father

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follow Description: Johann Strauss I was an Austrian composer, violinist and conductor. He was the author of 152 waltzes and numerous polcas, galops, crews and marches. Strauss went down in history as the father of the waltz, of which he was a great master. His compositions served as great inspiration for composers of later centuries. Sex: Male Occupation: Composer, conductor and violinist.
enter Place of Birth / Death: Vienna, Austria.
Buy Raw Alprazolam Country Tags: Austria Periods: 19th Century Genres: Symphonic music, Orchestral music, Choral music, Chamber music, Religious music, Vocal music, Instrumental music, Music for Dance, Concert, Opera. Styles: Romanticism School / Group: –
enter site Instruments: Violin Relatives: Johann Strauss II, Josef Strauss y Eduard Strauss I (sons).
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