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Tal, Mikhail (1936 – 1992)

Mikhail Tal (1988. Creative Commons License).

Alternative last name spellings: Tals.
Alternative first name spellings: Mihails. Mihail.
Alias: Misha. The Magician from Riga.




Description: Tal was a Soviet Latvian chess Grandmaster, World Chess Champion and one of the best attacking players of all time. He stood out from a very young age because of his great ability to create tactical attacks and risky combinations. His peculiar style has made him one of the legendary players in the history of chess. In addition, Tal was a highly regarded chess writer. 
Sex: Male. Occupation: Chess player. 
Place of Birth / Death: Riga, Latvia / Moscow, Russia. Country Tags: Latvia.
Centuries: XX. Title: Grandmaster (1957).
Wolrd Champion: 1961–1962. School: Riga Palace of Young Pioneers.
Styles: Aggressive, daring and combinatorial. Chess Olympiads: 1958, 1960, 1962, 1966, 1972, 1974, 1980, 1982.



Fictional stories (MC Universe):
Music Composers vs. Chess Players:


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