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Johannes Zukertort (Public Domain)



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follow link Alias: GENERAL INFO Description: Johannes Zukertort was one of the best chess players of his time, being a finalist in the World Chess Championship. Although there is no proof of this, it is believed that he was also a doctor, music critic and spoke nine languages thanks to his excessive memory. He was part of the Romantic Chess Movement and was also a great blind-chess player. The opening Zukertort was named in his honor for being the first to practice it. Sex: Male. click here Occupation: Chess player. Place of Birth / Death: Lublin, Poland / London, United Kingdom. see Country Tags: Poland. United Kingdom. Centuries: XIX. click here Title: –
Buy Valium 5Mg Uk World Champion: – Buy Valium London Uk School: Romantic Chess Movement Styles: Bright, energetic, attacking. Chess Olympiads: – IN MUSICHESS Articles: Tournaments:
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Music Composers vs. Chess Players:


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