Stein, Leonid (1934-1973)

Leonid Stein (1969. Creative Commons License).

Alternative last name spellings: –
Alternative first name spellings: Zakharovich 
Alias: –



Description: Leonid Stein was a Soviet chess Grandmaster from Ukraine and three times USSR Chess Championship. From 1963 to his premature death in 1973, Stein was among the world’s top ten players and defeated many of the top players of his era.
Sex: Male. Occupation: Chess player. 
Place of Birth / Death: Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union / Moscow. SFSR. Soviet Union Country Tags: Ukraine.
Centuries: XX Title: Grandmaster (1962)
World Champion: – School: –
Styles: Creative, intuitive and natural. Chess Olympiads: 1964, 1966.



Articles: 1 (
Tournaments: 1 (Caissa Trophy 2018. 4/9)
Fictional stories (MC Universe): No
Music Composers vs. Chess Players: No


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