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A Most Fascinating Journey!


It has long been recognized that there are only three major areas of human endeavor which produce prodigies: music, chess and mathematics. This does not occur by happenstance. There are links on many levels. Now, for the first time, Music and Chess – Apollo Meets Caissa examines the yet unexplored relation of chess to music. Mathematics is a main common denominator, a fact that is highlighted accordingly.


The thesis of this extraordinarily researched book is that chess is art in itself. It can create art and is strongly related to mathematics and music. As becomes clear, this relation has already been introduced by some legendary players such as Mikhail Tal and Vladimir Kramnik.


Great artists such as John Cage, Marcel Duchamp and Arnold Schoenberg, to name but a few, have also been fascinated by the very same idea. Surprisingly, this has not been explored in detail so far – only some sporadic articles exist, by authors specializing in either music or chess. 


They are chapters that address issues wich are specialized in chess and music, while others cover related issues of general, social and artistic nature. Music and Chess – Apollo Meets Caissa can be apprciated by readers who have a good, general, though non-specific background, in both fields. That is, no technical knowledge of music is required, with the only prerequisite to fully appreciate the text being the understanding of standard chess rules. The text could be equally enlightening in students of music or mathematics, as and added intellectual insight into these two disciplines.


The text is supplemented by many chess diagrams, charts, and over 50 full-color images. So, turn on the music, set up chessboard, get out the calculator and let the author take you on a most fascinating journey that is Music and Chess – Apollo Meets Caissa



Music and Chess. Apollo Meets Caissa in MusiChess


Music and Chess Apollo meets Caissa, a book by Achilleas Zographos


(Achilleas Zographos. Russell Enterprises, Inc.)