1. NAME: I MusiChess Nations Cup
  2. DATE / PLACE: Internet
  3. SCHEDULE : 15 November 2016 – 1 January 2017
  5. DESCRIPTION: We present you with a different competition: The MusiChess Nations Cup.
    Before beginning to explain what it consists of, we urge you to take this “competition” as an excuse to talk about music and chess, with the objective of analyzing international composers and chess players.
    With a similar format as the Davis Cup (tennis), we have selected 64 countries to go against each other in direct knock-outs (random draw). Thus, until only one remains, our winner.
  • RULES: The users will be the ones who vote and decide the outcome. How? In each match, each user can give up to 2 votes (one for music and one for chess), specifying which country they prefer in each discipline. The sum of all the votes of all the users will determine which country goes to the next round.
  1. FINAL STANDINGS: http://challonge.com/es/musichessnationscup
  2. PRIZES & WINNERS: 1º Russia – MC gold medal 2º France – MC silver medal 3º Germany – MC bronze medal 4º China
  3. ARCHIVES: http://challonge.com/es/musichessnationscup