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MusiChess is a web project that began developing in early 2015 by people related to music and musicology. In addition, some of these people are actively engaged in the teaching of chess. For this reason, and to avoid having two separate projects, it was decided to include chess as a new identity element. Thusly, the name of MusiChess was created. Eccentricity for no apparent reason? Not if you consider chess, music and mathematics as disciplines which have interesting aspects in common. We shall discuss it in our next story.

2016 meant the materialization of the project, with the opening of a first webpage and alongside, the development of all sections. The original idea was to develop a virtual encyclopedia focused on academic music, jazz, world music and soundtracks. Afterwards it was decided to include the rest of the sections (disclosure, competitions, rankings…).

* It is convenient to clarify that some sections will be perfectly differentiated, as will be the case of the future music encyclopedia, while in others there will be some relationship, as can be seen in our first contest.

To fulfill this dream, MusiChess has a team made up of people from different countries (see section MC Team), where musicians / musicologists and chess players, computer scientists and designers, translators, illustrators, dubbing actors, writers, disciplinary advisors (science, history…) and even lawyers stand out. Could you ask for more? Of course! We want you as a fundamental and definitive piece of this great musical game.

Finally, we would like to emphasize the informative and global nature of this project. As if it were the times of King Alfonso X of Castile (13th century), where different cultures and disciplines formed a single entity, in MusiChess, interdisciplinarity and pluralism will be our main hallmark.