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Order Xanax Cod International Team Mind Sports Championship (ITMSC)

source url Campeonato Internacional de Deportes Mentales por Equipos (CIDME)

follow Online 1 December 2020

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  • Absolute
  • Under 12

source site Organizers: 

  • MusiChess Tres Cantos
  • Aprender Jugando La Palma Sponsors:

  • Progetto Abstrakta
  • Las Ligas de la Ñ Las Ligas de la Ñ, patrocinador principal de este evento, es una marca cultural dedicada a la divulgación de la literatura española a través de relatos y juegos. ¡Es la hora de Cervantes, Galdós, Pardo Bazán, Rosalía de Castro, Bécquer y muchos más! Progetto Abstrakta

The Project objective is the study, play, popularization and preservation of abstract games on the basis of fun, socialization, trust and the sharing of ludic experiences.
Some of the most active members of the project are Luca Cerrato, Marino Carpignano Nino Vessella and Cesco Reale. Some of the current activities of the project are:

* Pergioco website
* Tavolando website
* Fogliaggio degli Astratti magazine
* NonSoloNumeri live tournament e
* Abstract Games League online tournament
* playing website

The Project is no-profit and unites people, associations, federations and any other entity linked to the world of abstract games. Any entity associated to the project commits to spreading and popularizing abstract games, while keeping their independence.

watch Results

1th Strateegoi 79
2th Deep Divers 73
3th AJ Leche, Gofio y Cereales 63
4th AJ Canarios Arios 56
5th MusiChess Tres Cantos A 51
6th Etracaja 50
7th Aprender Jugando Canarias 38
8th MusiChess Tres Cantos B 38
The best individual results are for each board:
Board 1: Victor Hernandez Luis (ESP / Deep Divers) 6½/7 (92.9%)
Board 2: Marc Tastet (FRA / Strateegoi) 6 (85.7%)
Board 3. Vincent Frochot (FRA / Deep Divers) 6½/7 (92.9%)
Board 4: Francesco Salerno (ITA / Strateegoi) 4½/5 (90%)
Reserve 1: Alexandra Echsel (GER / Deep Divers) 5/5 (100%)
Reserve 2: Oscar Peláez (ESP / MusiChess Tres Cantos A) 3/4 (75%)




Round 1 (1-15 December): Hive, Quoridor, Arimaa, Reversi

Round 2 (16-30 December): Arimaa, Reversi, Chess, Abalone

Round 3 (1-15 January): Chess, Abalone, Hive, Quoridor

Round 4 (16-30 January): Hive, Quoridor, Arimaa, Reversi

Round 5 (1-15 February): Arimaa, Reversi, Chess, Abalone

Round 6 (16-27 February): Chess, Abalone, Hive, Quoridor

Round 7 (1-15 March): Hive, Quoridor, Arimaa, Reversi

Round 8 (16-30 March): Arimaa, Reversi, Chess, Abalone

Round 9 (1-20 April): Chess, Abalone, Hive, Quoridor

* Teams will need to send the details of the players order for that match before the first day of each round (i.e. until 00:00 GMT time).

*Dates are provisional until the number of teams registered is known.

see Download here the Registration form

go Team participation and registration:

  • Any team can join the event with a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 6 per team (4 starters and one or two alternates).
  • Every team must establish an order of their players (from 1 to 4-6) at the time of registration. This cannot be modified at any time after the start of the event.
  • The details of the team (names of the members and their order in the team) have to be provided at the time of registration.
  • The registration date period ends on November 25th.
  • The team players order given in the registration will be used to define the pairings. If player 1 is unable to play a match, he/she can be replaced by the following player of the team in order, that is player 2. If not possible then player 3, and so on.
  • Multiple teams with the same name can be registered. To differentiate them, their names will be followed by the letters a, b, c, and so on.
  • If you don’t have a team, the organizing committee can assign one to you.
  • At any time during the event, players are not allowed to join a different team than the initial one as per registration.
  • Each player can only play for one team only.
  • Teams will be able to add new players throughout the competition, as long as they do not exceed the maximum number of 6 players in total. No new registrations or substitutions will be allowed once the competition has reached the half of the duration of the event.
  • Registration fee per person is 3 euros. Payment method is flexible and can be agreed with the organizing committee.
  • Teams must give the team order to the committee. This is the Buy Cheap Xanax From Canada registration form. This has to be emailed to They shall also hand in the name of the captain. The captain can be a player of team itself or an external person.
  • Participation in the tournament implies tacit acceptance of these bases.
  • The participants in the tournament authorize the publication of the personal data in the different media, which the organization will consider appropriate to have a successful event (list of results, rankings, participants, games, screenshots of the games).

go Games

  1. Hive
  2. Quoridor
  3. Arimaa
  4. Reversi
  5. Chess
  6. Abalone


Order Xanax From Mexico Votations

Order Valium Online Legal JUEGOS WEB I/E TOTAL
Hive BGA Individual 25
Quoridor BGA Individual 22
Arimaa    Arimaa Individual 21
Reversi BGA Individual 16
Ajedrez/Chess BGA Individual 11
Abalone Individual 10
Lost Cities / Exploradores BGA Individual 10
Azul Individual 8
Stratego Duel (10VS10) Stratego Individual 6
Xiangqi BGA Individual 6
Can’t Stop BGA Equipos 5
Hex BGA Individual 5
Diagonal Blocks B Space Individual 4
Djambi BGA Equipos 4
International Checkers BGA Individual 4
Lines of Action BGA Individual 4
Shogi B Space Individual 4
Volo BGA Individual 4
Battle Ship (Hundir la flota) BGA Individual 3
Gomoku BGA Individual 3
Lyng BGA Individual 3
Perudo BGA ? 3
Entrapment BGA Individual 2
Kalah BGA Individual 2
Stratego Classic (40VS40) Stratego Individual 2
Battle Sheep BGA Equipos 1
Kamisado B Space Individual 1
Quarto 2×2 BGA Individual 1
9 Men’s Morris BGA Individual 0
Backgammon BGA Individual 0
Batte Sheep BGA Individual 0
Battle of Lits BGA Individual 0
Circle of Life BGA Individual 0
Color Pop BGA Equipos 0
Dvonn B Space Individual 0
Fanorona B Space Individual 0
Go BGA Individual 0
Gobblet B Space Individual 0
Gyges BGA Individual 0
Hex B Space Individual 0
Hypnosia BGA Individual 0
Kabaleo BGA Individual 0
Kamisado B Space Individual 0
Pylos BGA Individual 0
Rithmomachy B Space Individual 0
Senet BGA Individual 0
Siam BGA Individual 0
Tablut BGA Individual 0
Tablut B Space Individual 0
Twixt B Space Individual 0
Tzaar B Space Individual 0
Yinsh B Space Individual 0
Zertz B Space Individual 0

Buy Diazepam Actavis Tournament format:

12 or less teams: League

13 or more teams: League + Playoffs.


Buy Valium Mexico Games:

The games included in the event have been selected according to the survey conducted on the players of the III International Open Mind Sports held in April 2020.


Buy Diazepam 20 Mg Teams Draw:

Groups will be chosen by draw. Tournament rules:

  • Teams must establish an order among their members that must be respected throughout the tournament.
  • Players 1 of each team will face each other. Likewise players 2 and so on until player 4.
  • All four games expected to be played in that round should be played by all four team players, for a total of 16 games per match. A match is won when one of the two teams scores 2.5 points. For example:
  1. Player 1 Team 1 3-1 (1-0) Player 1 Team 2
  2. Player 2 Team 1 0-4 (0-1) Player 2 Team 2
  3. Player 3 Team 1 2.5-1.5 (1-0) Player 3 Team 2
  4. Player 4 Team 1 2-2 (0.5-0.5) Player 4 Team 2 Total: Team 1 2.5-1.5 Team 2

  • The online results online will be able at the following page:
  • The first team of the pairing is the home team, and its players will be the starting players (white in Hive, for instance) for the games with odd number in the order given for that round. The second team of the pairing is visitor team and its players will be the starting players for the games with even number.
  • In case of mistakes, the claim on the color at the beginning of the game must be made within the first 5 turns through the game chat.
  • Teams must schedule to play the matches within the period established by the organization. This should be done by email directly between the players, cc’ing at least one of the two associations organizing the event:


  • The deadline to play the match is established by the organization in phases, and set at 00 GMT.
  • An email with the results of each game, who has won and one final photo per game must be sent to the committee to make the results valid.
  • In case of problems with the game platform, players should justify it by sending all the evidence that they deem necessary to any of the emails above (preferably a video to document that the issue is not general but its due to malfunctioning of the game platform).
  • In case of complaint, a special committee including Veronica Candelaria as the main referee and three players elected by draw (maximum one per team) will be formed, excluding the players affected
  • Whether at a scheduled match one of the two players is late, one game every 30 minutes of delay, in the order established, will be considered won by forfeit by the his/her opponent.
  • The organization reserves the right to make any changes it deems appropriate in case there are major cause setbacks.
  • This tournament may be valid for an official rating of Aprender Jugando and MusiChess.

Buy Alprazolam Pills Online Tie-breakers (Swiss Manager):

click here Per team:

  • Match score (3 points per win, 2 per draw, 1 per defeat and 0 by forfeit)
  • Game score + Match score (3 per win, 1 per tiebreaker, 0 per defeat).
  • Sonneborn-Berger (with real score).
  • Berlin system.
  • Direct results with respect to match points.
  • Draw


go to site Individual:

  • Game score.
  • Percentage
  • Higher number of wins (including score for forfeit).
  • Sonneborn-Berger.
  • Draw Individuales:

Puntos de partida.


Mayor número de victorias (incluyendo puntos por incomparecencia).


Sorteo. Prizes:

The top ten absolute teams will be awarded a trophy.

The top ten children’s teams (sub12) will be awarded medals; and the top team will be awarded a trophy.

The best player of each board/table (player 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) will receive prizes too.

The best Abalone player receives an Abalone board sponsored by Michel Lalet and Laurent Levi.

The best individual results are for each board:
Board 1: Victor Hernandez Luis (ESP / Deep Divers) 6½/7 (92.9%)
Board 2: Marc Tastet (FRA / Strateegoi) 6 (85.7%)
Board 3. Vincent Frochot (FRA / Deep Divers) 6½/7 (92.9%)
Board 4: Francesco Salerno (ITA / Strateegoi) 4½/5 (90%)
Reserve 1: Alexandra Echsel (GER / Deep Divers) 5/5 (100%)
Reserve 2: Oscar Peláez (ESP / MusiChess Tres Cantos A) 3/4 (75%)


Buy Cheap Xanax Cod Overnight SUPER CUP ITMSC

The champion team of the absolute category will face the winner of the U12 league in a ITMSC Super Cup match.