Standings seen as never before

MC Elo

MusiChess “Elo” (ratings) will not be evaluated like the real Elo. But the values will correlate with FIDE (World Chess Federation) ratings.

These rating lists are not static, so they will be updated during the first days of every month.

Mixed rankings

Connecting disciplines: music and chess.

MC figures

Ranking about historical personalities related, in some way, with music and chess.
The scores that appear collect the votes of our users. If you want to help us improve this classification, you can contribute by emailing us at info@musichess.com.
*Only one vote per e-mail for every MC figure.

MC figures

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MC Music Rankings

Mozart, Gershwin, Sculthorpe, Shankar, Khairat…


As happens with the Google rankings, we will not disclosure how our music ranking works.

Music symbols
W World/Traditional Music
J Jazz
S Soundtracks
C Classical
* Woman
M Medieval

Music composers, musicians, theoreticians...

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MC Chess Rankings

Kasparov, Fischer, I. Rogers, Yifan Hou, Bassem Amin…

MC Chess

As happens with the Google rankings, we will not disclosure how our chess ranking works. We will only say some factors that are taken into account. For example:
1) World Chess Champions (Absolute, FIDE, PCA & Women’s).
2) Number of years with the “champion title”.
3) Finalists & candidates of World Chess Championship.
4) Number 1 (Elo + EDO).
5) Champions without crown.
6) Different rankings (Elo, Chessmetrics, EDO, Warriors of the Mind, Computer moves, CAPS, Markovian model…).
7) International success.
8) Technical aspects (theoretical contribution, chess skills…).
9) MC Team’s valuations/preferences.
10) Users’ valuations.

Chess symbols
***** World Champion
*****- FIDE/PCA Champion
*****☼ Nº 1 without World Championship
**** Finalist
****- Finalist FIDE/PCA
*** Title-Candidate
** Interzonal

Chess players

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