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Torres Quevedo, Leonardo (1852-1936)

Leonardo Torres Quevedo (1916). Public Domain

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Alternative first name spellings: –
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«Cuando se me presentó el momento de tomar puesto en el Escalafón estaba ya convencido de mi poco amor al trabajo metódico y disciplinado de las oficinas, y renuncié a él para dedicarme a pensar en mis cosas; ya estaba poseído por la fiebre del inventor que había de padecer toda mi vida»



Description: Leonardo Torres Quevedo was an Spanish civil engineer, mathematician and inventor. He was an innovator and mechanical genius who built a chess-playing automaton in 1912 called “El Ajedrecista” that worked on Hertzian waves, of which he was one of the first scientists to use them to direct maneuvers at a distance. “El Ajedrecista” was one of the first autonomous machines capable for playing chess. In 1922 the Sorbonne named Leonardo an Honorary Doctor.
Sex: Male Occupation: Engineer, mathematician and inventor
Place of Birth / Death: Cantabria, Santander, Spain / Madrid, Spain. Country Tags: Spain.
Centuries: XIX-XX School: Escuela Oficial del Cuerpo de Ingenieros de Caminos. Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences



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